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Debbie Roche

Readers' Comments

Tomasz Makowiecki, Mental Health Student, Plymouth University

     "I just finished reading the book and wanted to thank you for sharing all your experiences and very valuable information from many other sources.

     As a student, I found the book fascinating to read and easy to follow, which is important to help others to learn and understand, not only about Anorexia Nervosa, but also all the other mental and physical problems which can support anorexia to takeover a human's life.

     I am amazed by your intelligence, devotion to Ollie, strength and all the hard work you put in to the fight in order to save him. On every page of your book, I see your love, strength and willingness to learn. That really inspires me to study even harder, in order to be able to support people with similar health problems in the future, when I qualify as a mental health nurse."       


Claire Grimsey, Nursefinders

     "Very original and frank. Any jargon was explained so it is easily accessible to anyone. I could also see it being a useful tool to someone in the early stages of an eating disorder to recognise some of the traits of it. It would also be very useful to families in similar situations."


Chris Everatt, Plymouth Improvement & Participation Service

     "Your book was a brilliant read! Really well done. I felt the frustration!"


Debbie Goad, Mother

     "You are one very brave lady! I have learned so much by reading it, it is brilliantly written and you have managed it with such dignity. I guess what I am trying to say is wow...for many reasons but mainly because you have opened up about your life and 

your war on anorexia to help others understand the enemy. Ollie is a very lucky young man to have a mum like you."


Finally, after a very cathartic process, my book is available for sale.


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